Raiders News · Summer Conditioning – Phase I

Phase 1 Protocol

10 Days of Practice (14 Calendar Days)

Parents are expected to have student-athletes

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to their practice time. No Exceptions
  • Be dressed and ready for participation.
  • Bring their own water container (we suggest at least a gallon)
  • Have a mask on upon arrival


Students will enter through the side door near the gymnasium front entrance.  This will be the only entrance for athletes and coaches.

Station 1: Daily Screenings

  • Temperature Check: Each day, students will receive a temperature check from the nurse/head coach/designee. Any student registering 100 degrees or higher will be sent home immediately and cannot return for 72 hours. 
  • Questionnaire: Students will answer a series of questions about their current state of health and it will be documented by the nurse/head coach/designee

**Coaches will need arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their groups start time to complete their daily screening.


Station 2: Sports Health Forms and Waivers

Each student-athlete is responsible for having all required forms uploaded to Planet HS prior to practicing, including the COVID Waiver.  To set up a Planet HS account, visit to download the step-by-step instructions.

No physical paper forms will be accepted.  Assistance will be provided with setting up accounts and uploading forms.   

Station 3: Water Station

Students are required to have their water bottles labeled with their first and last name.  All water containers will be checked for proper label.  Students may get their containers refilled during this time as well.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Phase I

Q: When will summer workouts be held?

Summer Workouts will only be held from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM in 45 minute sessions Monday – Thursday.  Athletes will be assigned by their coach an assigned group and time slot.  Athletes should only come during their assigned time and leave immediately after.


Q: Where should athletes be dropped off/picked up?

Students should be dropped off at the main entrance of the gym.  Signs will be posted to direct you where to go.  Remember to have a mask on upon arrival.  Students should be picked up in the front of the visitor side of the stadium.  Students must be picked up on time to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Students who drive should park their vehicles in the student parking lot and wait in their car until 15 minutes prior to their practice time.


Q: What if an athlete’s temperature is over 100 degrees?

Any student or coach who has a temperature that reads over 100 degrees will be required to leave immediately and cannot return for 72 hours.


Q: Will we be allowed to store equipment in the locker room?

The locker rooms are off limits to all athletes and coaches.  Athletes are to be dressed and ready for participation up arrival.  Athletes are allowed to bring any materials they brought (ie. mask, water bottle, etc.) with them to their practice area.  The bathrooms in the gym are available for use with social distancing practices in effect.


Q: Do athletes have to wear their masks while they are working out?

Athletes are only required to wear their masks when they are not actively participating in conditioning.


Q: What if I cannot make a time slot one day and I need to switch groups?

Athlete must stay in their assigned pod the entire week.  Students may not switch pods mid-week.  Students also can only attend one session a day.


If you have any other questions and concerns that, please reach out to your child’s head coach or the athletic director, Mironda Scott at